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 I have been baking today in preparation for the holiday.  Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (homemade), and pumpkin and cherry pies (Marie Calendar's frozen pies-- not as good as homemade, but not bad either).

Tomorrow, I'll be making Christmas dinner, but most of it will be easy prep (unlike Thanksgiving this year, when I did almost everything from scratch).  Will have a quiet dinner with family; I'm hoping there won't be too much stress.  

Honestly, I've always loved the Christmas season, but I've found it hard to get into the spirit of it over the past several years.  I tend to prefer celebrating with close friends and chosen family rather than with my birth family, who are extremely Christian (in a fundamentalist sort of way) and tend to make things awkward.  So it's become more of a hassle than anything.  But I still engage in some private celebratory things, generally in interactions with online friends, so that takes the edge off of the awkwardness and brings a bit of the warmth I always liked about the holiday.

I know, it's probably a bit strange for an agnostic-type pagan to like Christmas, but I tend to approach it from a mythic perspective.  I like the messages woven into the mythology: of transcendent love, of peace on earth, of kindness and goodwill, of family and togetherness, of magic and the miraculous.  Because of that, I haven't fully given up on it.  

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