Jan. 1st, 2016

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 Had New Year's dinner with the family today, some rather good barbecue takeout from a local restaurant.  There was a touch of awkwardness when my dad tried to talk me into doing a massive art project for him for "deferred pay", claiming I would get paid when he gets paid for his production.  He is trying to break into the Christian filmmaking industry, a goal he has been working towards for the past twenty years or so.  He's made some decent headway, making a lot of contacts along the way, and is looking for investors for his first major project.  However, besides the fact that his movies espouse a worldview which I find very damaging (not Christianity as a whole, but his particular flavor of Christianity), he's also shown in the past that when he asks me to work for him in exchange for something, he doesn't deliver.  I don't think he necessarily plans it that way.  He just has a tendency to overestimate his chances for success when beginning his ventures, and thus his form of currency when paying me for my work has a tendency of taking the form of Pie in the Sky.

So, I told him politely but firmly that I don't work for free.  He tried to argue for a minute or two but finally gave in and admitted he had someone else in mind if I turned him down.  (I wonder if they'll be willing to work for "deferred pay")

I do have an upcoming (paid) project very soon, as soon as I get the go ahead.  Work has been a bit slow lately otherwise.  I need to kick up my social networking presence for silverflameart.com, hopefully drawing in some new clients.

I bought a fun little program with some money I received for Christmas: Game Guru.  It's a 3D game engine.  I'm not much of a coder and have no experience with 3D art (though I've been trying to learn Blender this week too), but the interface allows for the creation of a game from start to finish, beginning with the environment, adding and customizing characters, etc.  I haven't quite got the hang of the whole thing yet, though I've watched a good number of tutorials.  I've been spending the last couple of days trying to build realistic mountains.  It's a LOT harder than it looks; the terrain tools are pretty easy to use, but using them in such a way as to build REALISTIC terrain is another matter entirely.

I'm hoping to eventually be able to create professional-quality games, which is going to require a lot of new skill sets (including 3-D art), but for now I'm going to just content myself with learning the in-built controls and figuring out Blender, the latter of which has been causing some frustration thus far as it keeps doing strange things even when I'm following the tutorials exactly.  (I suspect I've got one of the settings toggled for something but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know which one)   


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